About Me

I started acting at 6 years old, and the rest is history.

I grew up performing in local and professional theatre and graduated from USC with a degree in Theatre in 2020. I’ve received extensive training and experience in many area of acting, including but not limited to Shakespeare, high comedy, musical theater, physical acting, and on-camera work.

During my time at USC, I also studied voice acting and fell in love with the craft. This wasn’t a big surprise, seeing as I read the entire Harry Potter and Hunger Games series out loud to my little brother when we were kids, complete with character voices and accents. Since graduation, I’ve performed in indie video games, animation projects, and audio plays, as well provided dubbing for Netflix titles!

I strive to bring positivity into everything I work on. I’m an enthusiastic, outgoing person, and I love to create and collaborate. When I’m not acting, I’m often crafting, binging on my latest nerdy obsession, or spending time with friends and family.